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ABB Surface socket outlets
ABB Surface socket outlets
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Easy & Safe
Robust and ergonomic designed surface socket outlets from 16 to 32A, IP44 Splashproof. The installation is easy done due to the clear terminal marking. After connecting the cables the housing is easily closed by a twist. Used in light industry, construction sites, farms, etc.

Tough & Safe
The robust housing is made of PBT plastic. Available as watertight (IP67, 16-125 A) and splashproof (IP44, 63 A). The devices are equipped with internal and external cable clamps. Used in demanding environments, such as industry, harbours, mines, food and beverage industry, etc.

Critical & Safe
The robust  housing is made of PBT plastic, which withstands heavy-duty usage and most of chemicals found in industrial environments. 16 - 125 A, 50 - 690 VAT. All external screws made of stainless steel. Perfect for heavy and chemical industry, sawmills, airports, hospitals, etc.

Main benefits

  • safe and durable
  • housing made of PA or PBT. PBT withstands heavy-duty usage and most chemicals found in industrial environments
  • perfect for application with frequent connection and disconnection

Main features

  • IP67 Watertight or IP44 Splashproof
  • 16 - 125 A, 50 - 690 VAC
  • available also with MCB or RCD

Power Outlet Socket

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