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ABB Surface Inlets
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05 Des 2019
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ABB industrial surface inlets are high quality products for reliable and safe use in various environments. All approved according to IEC 60 309-1, -2.

Main benefits

  • High quality for perfect performance
  • Robust and ergonomic design
  • Self-cleaning and calibrated contacts
  • Clear terminal markings for easy installation

Main features
Easy & Safe

  • IP44 (splash-proof) protection degree
  • Range from 16 A to 32 A
  • Contact parts made of brass for reliable connection
  • The housing is made of standard PA plastic material
  • Flexible membrane and metric threaded M20 / M25 for top cable entry
  • Rear knock-out cable entry

Tough & Safe

  • Designed for tough environments
  • IP44 (splash-proof) or IP67 (watertight) protection degree
  • Range from 16 A to 125 A
  • Robust enclosure made of PBT plastic material which withstands heavy-duty usage and chemicals
  • The 63A splashproof products have M32 top cable entry and a rear knock-out cable entry. The watertight series have cable entry on top 25 - 50mm
  • External screws in stainless steel
  • Calibrated contact parts in clear brass for reliable connection.

Power Outlet Socket

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