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Numerical Relays

Numerical relaysNumerical relays are based on the use of microprocessors. The first numerical relays were released in 1985.A big difference between conventional electromechanical and static relays is how the relays are wired. Electromechanical and static relays have fixed wiring and the setting is manual. Numeric relays, on the other hand, are programmable relays where the characteristics and behavior can be programmed. Most numerical relays are also multifunctional.ScopeModern protection relaysMultifunctional protectionProduct benefitsProvide continuity of power to consumentsProtection of network assetsProtection against life-threatening electrical incidentsProduct featuresSelf-checking facilityLow burden relays improve accuracyFast fiber optical communication with substation LANAdaptive relaying schemesPermit storage of historical dataTime stamping
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